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Linguistics for laypeople: language contact

Language contact, whether between similar dialects or typologically different languages, almost always influences change in one or more of the languages in question. Linguistic borrowing of any sort is closely associated with certain socio-historical and socio-cultural factors, namely those of … Continue reading

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Amanda Thatcher reading Ephesians 6:10-18

I didn’t watch the whole of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, but I’ve seen this clip of the Ephesians reading by the former Prime Minister’s granddaughter, Amanda Thatcher, going round Twitter and the blogosphere. I was amazed by her composure and resolute … Continue reading

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Why German (sometimes) makes me cry

You’ll all have heard the semi-truth that German has really really long sentences where all the verbs come at the end. The period of German I am looking at (the language of the eighteenth century) is well-known for having ‘imprecise … Continue reading

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Dr Goebbels und die Weiβe Rose

‘Groβmutter, die Bedingungen haben dich erschossen und deine Kinder vergast. Es waren gar nicht die Deutschen, es waren die historischen Bedingungen und die totalitäre Ideologie.’ L. Fleischmann, Dies ist nicht mein Land, Hamburg 1980, s. 248. ‘Grandma, it was the … Continue reading

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