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9 days till Mrs Carter …

… and I can’t WAIT.*   *I’m marking collections, and this is taking my mind off them!! Advertisements

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John Lennox at The Oxford Union’s God debate

Many of you will know of John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. He is interested in and writes a lot about the interface of science, philosophy and religion, and has debated noted atheists such as Richard Dawkins and … Continue reading

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Linguistics for laypeople: language contact

Language contact, whether between similar dialects or typologically different languages, almost always influences change in one or more of the languages in question. Linguistic borrowing of any sort is closely associated with certain socio-historical and socio-cultural factors, namely those of … Continue reading

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Amanda Thatcher reading Ephesians 6:10-18

I didn’t watch the whole of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, but I’ve seen this clip of the Ephesians reading by the former Prime Minister’s granddaughter, Amanda Thatcher, going round Twitter and the blogosphere. I was amazed by her composure and resolute … Continue reading

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Linguistics for laypeople: inflection vs derivation

In the study of Morphology, which is concerned with the structure of words, there has traditionally been a distinction drawn between two types of affixes, inflectional and derivational. An affix is basically what your traditional Latin or German grammars would … Continue reading

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The Liberating Truth

This piece from Musings of a clergy child is so worth reading. I commend it wholeheartedly: The Liberating Truth.

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The Heart in Waiting: Commotio records Bob Chilcott carols

Well, the weather was certainly appropriate for a recording of Christmas carols! Over the weekend the Oxford-based chamber choir Commotio, in which I have had the pleasure to sing for 5 years, recorded a disc of carols by Bob Chilcott … Continue reading

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