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A poem for Holy Week

I’m always stunned by the poetry of Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg. For those of you who haven’t come across her, she was an Austrian poet of the Baroque period who had mystic leanings. Her poem Uber den gekreuzigten Jesus (‘On … Continue reading

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Less/fewer problems with ‘incorrectness’

A while ago, a friend posted a status on Facebook in which he mused that the 2011 census had employed ‘the incorrect use of less/fewer’. The offending construction was the use of ‘less’ with count nouns. That is, for my … Continue reading

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I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to join the online community in blog-form. There are several reasons: 1. Social networking sites (in my case, Facebook) encourage us to post our thoughts in small bite-sized chunks. This is unhelpful for … Continue reading

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